Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Kabali Hindi Full Movie Watch Online

Kabali Hindi Full Movie Watch Online

Movie Name: Kabali
Movie Type: Action
Starring: Rajinikanth,Winston Chao,Radhika Apte
Director: Pa. Ranjith
Language: Hindi

Description: Kabali movie deals with the exremity of migrant Malayasian Tamilian community. Since 30 years, these workers used to work as drug traffickers under Chinese mafia gangs Tony Woo. Situation changes when Kabali who works for another mafia gang under Sitaramaraj decides to take stand for their communitys betterment and takes over the gang leadership on Sitaramarajs untimely death. Kabali comes in confrontation with the rival gang lead by the ruthless drug lord Tony Woo. However, the violence of heading a gang takes its toll on Kabalis family life, weaving into the movie a family element with the pursuit of Kabalis wife. The rest of the movie comprises of two gangs trying to overpower each other.

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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Singam Movie | Singam Full Movie Watch Online

Singam Movie | Singam Full Movie Watch Online

Movie Name: Singam

Movie Type: Action

Starring: Surya,Anuskha,Hansika,Rehman,Mukesh Rishi,Nazar

Director: Hari

Language: Telugu

Description: Home Minister (Vijay Kumar) summons Narasimham (Suriya) to resign his job and go to Kakinada in the guise of NCC teacher in a college. His mission is to secretly observe the activities of two important people Guru (Mukesh Rushi) and Tyagaraj (Rehman). Narasimham is supposed to join duty of a cop when it's the right time. Satya (Hansika) a student in Narasimham's college falls in love with him. She is also a close relative to Tyagaraj. Kavya (Anushka) is waiting in the wings to get the approval of Narasimham's father for their marriage. The rest of the story is all about how he manages these two girls and how he performs his duty as a cop in the most convincing way.

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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Endukila Web Series Episode 6

Endukila Web Series Episode 6

Watch Endukila Web Series Episode 6 | The Date

Dhari and Ruvi go on a date. How things go dramatic and how the date ends up is what unfolds in this episode. [Click on the Image for Direct Video Link]

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